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Report on Pakistan’s Security and Foreign Policy Launched by CLAS & SI

Islamabad June 11, 2024: A report on Pakistan’s security and foreign policy titled “Strategy Manifesto on Security and Foreign Policy” was launched at an event in a local hotel in Islamabad says a press release. This report was prepared by the Centre for Law and Security CLAS, Sanober Institute (SI)

June 11, 2024



80th Anniversary of the «Normandie-Niemen» regiment’s participation in the liberation of Belarus

80 years ago, the French air regiment «Normandy» under the command of Major Pierre Pouyade was sent to the 3rd Belorussian Front. The «Normandy-Neman» Regiment was the 1st separate French fighter aviation regiment, which participated in the Great Patriotic War in battles on the Soviet-German front against Nazi Germany. The personnel of the Normandy Squadron, 72 volunteers, arrived in the USSR in November 1942. In the summer of 1944, the French fighter regiment as part of the 303rd Air Division participated in the liberation of Belarus during the operation code-named «Bagration», which lasted from June 23 to August 29, 1944.

July 1, 2024




Enhancing China’s New Energy Competitiveness with Genuine Expertise

BEIJING, April 29 (Xinhua) -- Some Western politicians allege that China's new energy industry relies on industrial policies for competitive edge. However, facts and figures prove such a narrative groundless and false. China's advanced production capacities in the new energy sector have been honed through diligent efforts and genuine expertise, rooted in market competition, innovation, and entrepreneurship. China's ascendancy in new energy products is underpinned by a constellation of factors, heralding a competitive edge. Key among these are early investments in research and development, the establishment of a robust industrial ecosystem, access to a sprawling domestic market, the rapid evolution

April 29, 2024