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Mobilink Bank Launches “Center of Excellence for Women” at Arid University

Islamabad: Mobilink Bank, Pakistan’s leading digital microfinance bank, has reaffirmed its commitment to women's financial inclusion with the launch of the country’s first “Center of Excellence for Women” in partnership with Arid Agriculture University, a leading agricultural institution in Pakistan, to advance financial education. In this joint endeavor, Mobilink Bank will

March 27, 2024



Facts about Iran’s Military Action against Zionist Aggression: Ensuring Regional Stability

Islamabad, Pakistan - In response to recent events necessitating clarification, the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Pakistan issues the following statement regarding the military action against the Zionist Regime: Proportionate Defensive Action: The military action undertaken by the Islamic Republic of Iran against the Zionist regime was strictly targeted at military bases within occupied Palestine. It was a measured response aimed at deterring further aggression. Protection of Civilians and Non-Military Targets: It is imperative to highlight that no civilians or non-military centers, including cities, hospitals, synagogues, or infrastructures, were targeted during this operation. Iran remains committed to

April 14, 2024




This Ramadan Enjoy Affordable and Seamless Connectivity in Saudi Arabia with Zong 4G’s IR Bundles

Islamabad, 5th April 2024: Zong 4G, Pakistan's leading telecom operator, offers affordable International Roaming Bundles tailored for your upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia this Ramadan. Stay seamlessly connected with your loved ones while performing Umrah, courtesy of Zong 4G's reliable services. Zong 4G is the only telecom network in Pakistan which presents meticulously crafted International Roaming packages. Acknowledging the contemporary connectivity challenges of travelers, Zong introduced specialized roaming bundles designed to deliver both cost-effectiveness and accessibility for users. Consequently, it has streamlined seamless and uninterrupted connectivity for travelers bound for Saudi Arabia, enabling you to effortlessly share your Umrah experiences

April 5, 2024